Transporte de Flotas y Renting

Transport and renting of fleet

When a company's fleet management is not fully effective, the expense account can skyrocket, some companies that have a large number of vehicles for the development of their business, they observe as his expense account it encreases disproportionately because of A deficient management of fleets, Since they are great and very different aspects to take into account and, therefore, there are many improvement points to get the most out of each of the different vehicles: maintenance and fuel costs, financial costs of Vehicles, salaries and employee's diets, parking lots, mobility or transportation expenses, etc.

A good fleet management that optimizes the planning of the different routes that are carried out or the relocation of the vehicles according to the points of work can considerably reduce the overall mileage of the entire fleet and, therefore, the Maintenance and fuel costs, beside to not incurring excess penalties. A saving that also translates into the time of circulation of each car, with the consequent Wage saving and the improvement of the productivity.