Transporte de Vehículos para Particulares

Vehicle Transport for Individuals

Several ways exist to transport a vehicle, and the decition which system is most advisable to use, depends on a number of factors. If the distance to be covered is not excessively large, the fastest and safest way is to use a unitary crane. In this case the customer has the power to freely choose the conditions of the transfer of the vehicle, but also must cover all the economic costs of transportation.

When it comes to traveling longer distances, the most recommended solution for transporting a vehicle is to share with other users the hiring of large trucks that can move 8 or 10 cars. In this way, the cost of transport between the different users is shared. All the necessary planning is carried out by Autologistica Guadalix, so that each Client takes advantage of a low cost without worrying about the organization of the transfer.

Whatever system you choose to transport your vehicle, you must know that Autologistica Guadalix has trucks perfectly adapted for the car transport. In addition, periodically it makes fixed routes between the main Spanish cities reason why the transfer of his car can be very economic to him.

Autologistica Guadalix offers customized solutions for the transport of your vehicle to any point in Spain and we offer the maximum security, as corresponds to the best professionals in the transfer of vehicles.