Heavy Machinery Transport

We have a highly qualified team and an experience of years in transporting machinery that has allowed us to provide solutions for all types and brands of heavy machinery:

• Transport of cranes: Platforms and drills, crane trucks, mobile cranes, tower cranes, derricks caterpillar, drills, telescopic manipulator, scissor platforms, towed platforms, truck platforms, etc.

• Transport of industrial vehicles: Trailers, buses, tractors, vans and commercial vehicles, vans and public service vehicles, trailers, etc.

• Transport of construction and mining machinery: Excavators, concrete pumps, articulated and rigid dumpers, generator sets, compressors, crawler blades, wheel shovels, bulldozers, backhoe loaders, loader blades, etc.

• Transport of forklifts: Stackers, side loaders, telescopic forklifts, pallet trucks, etc.

• Transport of tractors and agricultural machinery: Fertilizers, harvesters, irrigation equipment, seeders, crushers, etc.

• Transport of road construction machinery: Soil stabilizers, asphalt pavers, asphalt milling machines, pneumatic compactors, waste compactors, earth compactors, asphalt recyclers, combi rollers, trenchers, etc.

Do you want to know how we can transport your machinery? Do not hesitate to contact us and one of our agents will contact you to resolve any questions.